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To promote community sustainability, connect those working towards sustainability, and serve as a resource for environmental information integral to the sustainable future of Stillwater and Oklahoma.


Sustainable Stillwater is a local chapter of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network. We work with local, national and international environmental groups to provide the citizens of Stillwater with reliable information about sustainability issues, and help make informed lifestyle choices concerning the environment and their own quality of life. 

By making our life choices more sustainable, we contend that we not only live a more eco-friendly lifestyle but we will improve our quality of life in the process. See our RESOURCES for more information.

Stillwater Recycling Guide 2014-15

Sustainable Stillwater has been producing the Stillwater Recycling Guide since 2002!


This guide shows you where to take your most common recyclable items. Some items can be taken to multiple locations as indicated.

OKsprout Community Garden

Free garden plots available now!

For more information, contact


Windy Acres Natural Farm Nancy Stevens’ Blog

Started in January, 2010, this blog documents Windy Acres Natural Farm’s adventures while growing produce for our local Farmers Market using eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices. Along with their dogs, cats and wild critters that live on their land, Windy Acres Natural Farm tries to live sustainably and leave as little impact on their small farm as possible. (source: Windy Acres Natural Farm)

Payne County Region Buy Fresh Buy Local – Local Food Guide

(May take a while to download)

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Helpful Resources

Rain Barrel Workshop Handout
Sustainability 101 Powerpoint  

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