sustainable stillwater trash clean up

Established in fall 2001, Sustainable Stillwater formed from a small group of concerned citizens who had organized the Stillwater Recycling Coalition decades earlier. Initially, their goal was to address issues of recycling in the community and at Oklahoma State University and aid in the creation of  The Stillwater Recycling Coalition.

Since our success in promoting recycling and making curbside a reality, Sustainable Stillwater continues to work on local recycling efforts with the regularly published Stillwater Recycling Guide, administration of the Stillwater Adopt-A-Recycle-Site program, participation on the Stillwater Waste Reduction Task Force and promotion of the Stillwater PAYT program. 

So…We’re all about:

  • Promoting community sustainability through different campaigns, projects and volunteer/educational opportunities.
  • Connecting those working towards sustainability. (*AKA: having fun with some great people at Green Drinks- see events for more info.)
  • Serving as a resource for environmental information integral to the sustainable future of Stillwater and Oklahoma.


Today, we have become a chapter of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network. This allows us to expand our efforts to additional areas of sustainability including water conservation, community gardening, energy efficiency and pollution prevention. We are excited to be developing a local food guide and green business practices guide. Stay Tuned!

If you want to help with these awesome projects or any listed on our projects page- shoot us an email: sustainablestillwater@hotmail.com

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