If you are on this page, you know there are so many things we can do to be more sustainable. Listed below are some of the projects we are currently working on or have done in the past. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE LEADERSHIP TEAM OR CHAMPION ONE OF THESE FANTASTIC EVENTS, LET US KNOW! We can always use more help!

OKSPROUTS COMMUNITY GARDEN: Sustainable Stillwater has a garden plot at this community garden space behind the Church of the Nazarene, 1023 E. Will Rogers Drive.  We invite local families that would like to grow their own food but don’t have the space at home, to take a few rows in the garden plot for themselves.  No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are to be used.

STILLWATER RECYCLING GUIDE:  A directory of everything that can be reused or recycled in Stillwater and where to take items.  The Guide celebrated 10 years in 2012.  It’s been updated over 20 times.  Ideas and sponsorships are welcomed!

LITTER CLEAN-UPS: Sustainable Stillwater members participate in the City’s Trash Off! litter clean-up every spring and we take care of recycling any recyclable material that gets picked up.

BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL: Sustainable Stillwater has created and published the Payne County Region Buy Fresh Buy Local, Local Food Guide.  For more information about this directory, contact Coordinator, Cheryl Baker at

FILM SERIES: Sustainable Stillwater co-hosted a film series with ECO-OSU in fall 2011 that included the documentaries: “Gasland,” “Flow,” and “The Economics of Happiness.”  In spring 2010, Sustainable Stillwater co-hosted with OWRRI to bring a five-film series, What’s In Your Water, to the community.  The final film in the series, “Tapped,” was co-sponsored with ECO-OSU during Earth Week.

GREEN WORKSHOPS:   Past workshops have included Rainwater Harvesting, Composting, Wind & Solar Power for the Home, A Sustainable Farm Tour, Energy Efficiency in the Home.  Help is needed to plan and run workshops.

ADOPT-A-SITE PROGRAM:  The Adopt-A-Site Program had been created for community groups and organizations to help keep unattended drop-off recycle sites clean and to educate recyclers about the right way to recycle in Stillwater. Given that the City is moving to curbside recycling collection and has closed two of the three unattended drop-off site, the program has been discontinued.  Boy Scouts continue to attend to the site at Skyline Elementary and the site at 807 S. Perkins Road is attended 40 hour per week.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROJECTS: Will Rogers Elementary, Skyline Elementary, Stillwater Middle School and Westwood Elementary.  Sustainable Stillwater has been involved in education about reduce, reuse, recycle, litter prevention, rainwater harvesting, water quality, and water conservation.  Volunteers are needed to lead short programs at these schools.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: We need people who are educated in various environmental fields and are familiar with sustainability issues to join our speakers bureau and be willing to speak to different community groups or classrooms. We would like to offer this service to the Public School System and be willing to fill requests from different community organizations who are eager to learn more about sustainability. Contact us if you are interested in donating a couple hours every three to six months towards this effort.

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