Sustainable Stillwater believes that one of the best ways for people to learn about and to help promote sustainability is through volunteering for local ‘green projects’ in their community. We have several opportunities listed below. Contact us if you wish to volunteer for a project or start a project of your own.

Are you interested in helping to make Stillwater a more sustainable community?

OKSPROUT COMMUNITY GARDEN:  Several community garden plots have been developed at the OKsprout site located on the grounds of the Church of the Nazarene in NE Stillwater.  Sustainable Stillwater and Coming Together Stillwater have joined to take care of one of the plots – several rows are available for planting.  There is no cost if you would like your own rows to garden.  For more information, visit the OKsprout Blog site or email sustainablestillwater@hotmail.com

SPEAKERS BUREAU: We need people who are educated in various environmental fields and are familiar with sustainability issues to join our speakers bureau and be willing to speak to different community groups or classrooms. We would like to offer this service to the Public School System and be willing to fill requests from different community organizations who are eager to learn more about sustainability.Contact us if you are interested in donating a couple of hours every three to six months towards this effort.

OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES: Sustainable Stillwater is involved in several outreach events such as tabling at the Farmer’s Market and Audubon’s Nature Day, and handing out pamphlets at the local Household Hazardous Waste event. We need people to help facilitate these outreach events. We are also open to people recommending events or we can help others to plan their own event.

FORMS & WORKSHOPS: Sustainable Stillwater needs help planning and facilitating forums and workshops on sustainability issues concerning our community. We often like to partner with other organizations and could use the help of concerned individuals with promotion and event planning.

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